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Adding a second network adapter, and second network. How?

So here's my situation:
Currently have a computer that serves as a "DVR" - connects to a dozen or so POE cameras to record from them.  All cameras, DVR, etc. are on the same flat network as other devices

What we noticed recently was that the POE cameras are swamping our network with traffic, as they are each sending a constant video stream (24/7) to the DVR.

What I'd like to do is create a seperate VLAN on our switch, and make sure all the POE cameras are plugged into that second VLAN, to segment the traffic.  I know I'll have to assign an IP to each camera that's on that second subnet.  

I have a second network adapter in the DVR, and was wondering how I would connect that network adapter to the 'camera network' (subnet), and keep the other adapter on the main network, so anyone wanting to view camera footage, etc. could still do so through the main network.

Assuming our main network is /24, and I'd like the camera network to be /24, and the DVR is currently, I can plug the second network adapter into the second VLAN (with the cameras), and assign it an IP of, but what I'm confused about is make sure it communicates with the cameras correctly, but yet all other inbound and outbound connections (to the internet, RDP, etc.) go over the main ( interface.

What am I missing?
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Ahh ok, so assign it an address, and being on the same subnet as the cameras, it will be able to talk to them, just make sure there is no default gateway for that network?

What would I assign the default gateway of the cameras, if all they're going to communicate with is the DVR?  Nothing, right? no default gateway for cameras either?
Correct.  You won't set up a default gateway on any of the cameras either.  You're not.going to route traffic outside of that network.
Perfect. Answered my question:)  Thanks!