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search engines and websites

What are some tips or basics to get a website picked up by search engines under as many tags as possible?

I have a website up and I want it picked up by google under as many names as possible.
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You know this IS a science... That's what made Goog what it is today and 100 search engines of the 90's go by the way side.

So in short, when you say "as many names as possible," you can actualy get yourself de-ranked by having too many entries in your tags.

Work on the following,

Get your Robot.txt configured to follow he right directories and skip the img or db directories.  See the tags your competitor is using as a starting platform.  Goog uses "natural speaking" algorithms, so instead of writing "Jaguar, Jaguar, Jaguar", write, Jaguar is the pride and joy of British Motor Cars USA, where you can find the latest Jaguars, and the most discounted pricing you can find a Jaguar these days.

SEM and SEO is a science... with a pricetag associated with it  :-)
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Also, sign up for Google Webmaster Tools and upload a sitemap so Google will know what pages you have.
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err lest get back to basics because i am a newbie at it.

what is robo.txt ?
what tags do ineed to add to my website and on what pages?
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Plus a little self promotion always helps. This has helped some people