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public folder replication between exchange 2010 servers

recently I've added a new exchange 2010 server on different AD site and ran AddReplicaToPFRecursive.ps1script to replicate Public Folder to the new server.

In order to verify replication I'm running get-publicfolderstatistics. I can see almost all the "default public folders" on new server but all their itemcount is 0.
Also I can't see any of the "system public folder" on new server.

 Any help would be appreciated...

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Manpreet SIngh Khatra
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If you go to EMC PF console to Prperties of any of the PF's do you see the new server added in Replication Tab and what is the schedule ?

- Rancy
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What is the size of the EDB on both servers for PF database ?

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New server is listed on the replication tab. The source db size is ~265MB and destination db shows ~140MB right now.

I've changed couple of pf's replication from default "pf database replication schedule" to its own schedule "always". This seems helped a bit, I can see the items on these folders... However one of the folder is also replicated using the default replication method.
The fact that you have a list of zeros is a good thing, that means the hierarchy has arrived. The content will arrive in its own time. Unfortuantely public folder replication is
a. slow
b. unrelaible
c. unpredicitable.

If you are seeing some content then replication is working, you will just need to be patient. What you may find is that Exchange will suddenly dump a lot of hte content across in one hit.

The simple rule is patience. I tell clients if you haven't waited a week, you haven't waited long enough (no not kidding).

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I think I've waited enough, this pf replication still doesn't work...
In this case, should I restore pf from backup at the remote site and sync with the source?(not quite sure this step though?)
Or does anybody have any suggestion?

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Manpreet SIngh Khatra
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