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Dell Digital Delivery crashing on brand new Dell Optiplex Windows 7 Pro 64-bit computer

I have a brand new computer that I am trying to utilize Dell's Digital Download to download Acrobat.  As soon as I started the Digital Download application it would crash.

I uninstalled it and am trying to re-install it.  I am now receiving this error: Service 'Dell Digital Delivery Service' (DellDigitalDelivery) failed to start.  Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services.

During this time I can refresh the services list and see that a Dell Digital Delivery service has been installed but I cannot start it either.

If I click retry the same thing will happen again.  If I click cancel the entire process will be stopped and any files that were installed will be rolled back.

I tried Dell support but all they did was read off their script and tell me to try this link that I went to which says to uninstall and reinstall the program - no good.
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Did you apply all Microsoft Updates and reboot after the update process ended? Yesterday new MS updates became available.


Yes all Microsoft Updates were installed and computer was rebooted.  Still no difference.  I would like to know what Microsoft Updates has to do with Dell Digital Delivery though.  Or do you spam every single question with regards to Microsoft Updates?
Spam? I wish to give you some suggestions.
Digital Delivery sits on top of Win, right? If Win isn't updated you might have problems with Win itself or with software that rely on Win do have their job done.
Sometimes we end up discovering that things don't work because of basic steps missing: viruses, updates, permissions, ...
Sorry recently almost every single question I've posted has been by people looking for points regardless of if they actually helped me.  As long as they have a single word that MAY be related to solving my problem they ask for the points.  I think it's absurd and absolutely ridiculous since I pay money to be allowed to ask questions on this site and I feel that spam is a huge problem with the way the site works.

Computer is brand new, literally.  I mean I would go back to Dell but we've set it up and configured it for the person and they use it for business.  I just need to figure out how to get this thing to work.
Please, kindly post which Optiplex. Thank you.
OptiPlex 390
Which is the Digital Delivery (from now on simply: DD) version you are using? If I check from mine Windows Control Panel Applet I have version 2.2.4000.0. See Screen Shot below. Which version does your Control Panel report?
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I kindly ask for some feedback. Thank you.

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Reinstall fixed the problem.