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sql profiler- text data is empty

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I just wondering, why text data is missing althought event class have got something.
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Do you never see textdata or only for a series of records?
What's your sql-version? And the compatibility-level of your database? And this ofcourse on the moment the trace was made (may).

For SQL2000 there is an issue
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its only on series of records, we running sql2005 with SP4 and the compatibility of course  90. I just wondering why I can't see text data although event class explicitly appear as "SQL:StmntCompleted"
Below what is being capttured in sql profiler for event class: SQL:StmntCompleted

EXEC sp_trace_setevent @trId, 41, 1, @on
EXEC sp_trace_setevent @trId, 41, 6, @on
EXEC sp_trace_setevent @trId, 41, 11, @on
EXEC sp_trace_setevent @trId, 41, 8, @on
EXEC sp_trace_setevent @trId, 41, 14, @on
EXEC sp_trace_setevent @trId, 41, 15, @on
EXEC sp_trace_setevent @trId, 41, 13, @on
EXEC sp_trace_setevent @trId, 41, 18, @on
EXEC sp_trace_setevent @trId, 41, 35, @on
EXEC sp_trace_setevent @trId, 41, 3, @on
I found it... it because os sp_change_users_login sp, but why it was logged under eventclass SQL:StmntCompleted ? which I believe this suppose to be SP:StmntCompleted
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I able to resolve my self, at least you giving me some hint with your answer :)
What was your solution. Would you like to share with us?