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Dell - Windows server 2003 r2 install- partition issue

Hi ,

I am installing  windows server 2003 r2 on a dell server,

I am using the dell installation and server management CD to initiate the install,

The issue i am having is this,

I have attempted this instal 3 times now and each time i do the only partition available is particion  C: (12gb),  and when i go to compluter management there is no unallocated space, so i can't create a new particion,

My drive is 1.3tb+ on RAID 5 (i have 6 300gb drives)

Any idea what is going on here?

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I am Booting of the dell server managemnet CD, it the gives me the option to install windows server,

It gives me the option to configure physical disk for windows partition,  - it defaults to 12gb,

But will let me change it right up to the 1.3tb if i wanted,

im assuming this would just give me one massive C volume if i did,

there is no other options on this
I think that this is disk space which you want to assign for OS. So, select whole 1.3GB install OS and see if you would be asked for partition creation process. If not, leave defaults and after you install Windows, use diskpart to see if there is not assigned space

Use this syntax (after OS is installed)
list disk
select disk 0
list partition

Open in new window

and tell me please what disk size do you see after [b]list disk[/b] and what do you see after [b]list partition[/b]

Ok , i'm running the install now,

so are you saying that afteri have windows installed ,

I will be able to split up the C volume into partitions????
No, in Windows Server 2003 you are not able to split partitions without 3rd party tool :/
So, leave defaults 12GB or more (if you wish) for C-Drive and after OS is installed, run diskpart and tell me the results, please :)

I left the default to 12 in all my other installs,

when i run diskpart it only shows  1 volume,  which is 12GB,

there is no unallocated space shown
OK, that looks like you should be able to use some RAID options during server boot to configure disks

Can you verify if there is no information about array configuration for your Dell server?

when running the dell server installation cd , it gives me the option reconfigure the RAID,

But it doesn't give me an option to create partitions
So, try to reconfiguring RAID, maybe after that you would be able to define disks ?

no, it doesn't give me that option,  just to define the windows partition size
OK, during OS installation do you have possibility to configure options or is it unattended installation?

If you are able to control installation, I would set up full size and the try to change that during Windows installation in OS wizard

I've done a install with the full drive as C volume  ,  1.3TB

What 3rd party tool would you recommend to use to split it up?
Whe installing through the Dell cd it doesn't give the option to to do that during the windows setup (i.e. the blue screen)

It just copys files over and thats it, there is no options for me to select.
GParted which is free

do i need to download the iso and burn onto a cd??
Yes, you need to burn ISO on CD or just use Live USB version

will this work for windows server ,

where do i get live USB version?

I can just see iso's
On the same page but in different section :)