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Create button from a div

Is it possible to create a clickable button from a div. I have posted the code I am currently using and would be grateful if someone could inform me if this is possible. Thanks

$myString = <<<EOF
		<div class='msgTrue' style='background-color:#F7F8FA;' data-message='%s' data-subject='%s' data-rowdate='%s' data-from='%s'>
		<img src="images/sml_new_mail_icon.jpg" valign="top">$subject;
		<div style="float:right;margin-right:35px;margin-top:5px;font-size:9px;">$rowdate</div><br />
		<span style="font-weight:bold;">$from</span>
		<br />
		<!-- The following end tag need to be at the start of the line -->
		printf($myString, $message, $subject, $rowdate, $from);

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With jquery

$('#idofdiv').click(function() {
   // do something useful
Hey Peter,

Are you talking about styling the DIV to look like a button, or adding behaviour to act like a button. From previous questions, I thought you had the behaviour in place. Also which part of your code do you want to be the 'button'. And what behaviour to you need when it's clicked.

$('.msgTrue').click(function() {
    //The clicked DIV can be reference with $(this)
    alert ( $(this).data('message') ); //alert the value of data-message
    $(this).css('background-color', 'red'); //change the background of the DIV to red

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Chris Stanyon
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Hi Chris

The behaviour is in place it is just styling to make then div act like a button. Cheers
Did you have a look at the fiddle. Obviously a 'button' can look any way you want it to, so I can't give you precise CSS for it without know how you want it to look.
Wondering if you mean act like a Submit Button, if this is the case take a look at the jquery function

I would like to use an image as a button. Is this possible based on your fiddle code. Thanks


Thanks for link.
Yeah, sure. You can style a DIV anyway you like :)

Have a look at the fiddle now - I've set a background-image for the DIV, and added some padding.
excellent. Thanks very much Chris.
Thanks once again.