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drupal 7 selecting using taxonomy terms

Am developing a site using drupal 7.
Have defined terms within a vocabulary, for example:

       Faith and Science
       Developing Metaphysics
       Pastoral Theology
               Social Teaching
       Moral Theology

Have created a view and, by using hierarchical select can filter Articles by these terms.
However, I want to have links, for example:

Philosophy-->Faith and Science
Philosophy-->Developing Metaphysics
Theology-->Pastoral Theology
Theology-->Pastoral Theology-->Social Teaching
Theology-->Moral Theology

With these links I want to select Articles and display them on another page. I understand to do this one has to use the term ID's as arguments:


How can I determine the ids for each term and is this the right way to do it. I assume I have to adapt the view to accept term ids.

Would value your help
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is this what your after: ?
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Thanks, both of you.
nanharbison's solution seems to be the simplest to implement.
mysite/Article/Theology works (had to add /Article - the Vocabulary), but I can't get a two word term to work.
Have tried mysite/Article/Theology/Moral Theology
Also mysite/Article/Theology/Moral+Theology

but neither work.
Where am I going wrong?
Not sure exactly what you are asking, is it something like this

The term is selected from the box at the top, selecting takes you to the term page.

normally in a url a space is represented by %20

You can use the pathauto module to rewrite URLs for you
Hi nanharbison,
Have solved the URL problem with your help. Noticed that on the taxonomy term edit page it gives you the opportunity of creating a URL alias. That solves it.
Think i will give nanharbison the points as his solution seems to be the simplest.
Oh oops, forgot about the part of the URL with the type of node!
Thanks for the points.