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Remote Access

I have a Buffalo drive (model LS-W20 GTL) that is supposed to allow for Web Access.  I have verizon dsl (modem: Actiontek GT784WNV)  and a SonicWall TZ170 router.

I've followed what I think are the correct intstructions for forwarding port 9000 (from buffalo manual) on both modem and router. I still do not get access to the Buffalo drive.

I can ping the static IP, but if I use the static IP with port # I just get cannot display error page.

I've set the router and modem back to the origanal settings after I couldn't get it to work.

Any help appreciated.

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If that is the local IP make sure you have every set-up/connected properly. I'd verify the IP/Port were correct as it should not be a port forwarding issue within the LAN.
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Thanks for the advice,  won't get a chance to test and try until after Thanksgiving.  Will keep posted on my progress.