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Can't view mapped network drive via new WiFi network

Hi guys,

I seem to be having a moment and can't work out how I've done this before.

The situation is that there are 3 XP/ Vista/ Windows 7 laptops trying to access a Windows 7 file Server (running Win7Pro). A new ISP modem was installed, but no WiFi support. Connected and installed a new Netgear N300 WiFi router, connected it to the net, then connected the notebooks to it. Left the IP as, even though the modem's IP is 10.x.x.x. Can access the net perfectly from all devices but can't access the shared drive on the file server (on the 10.x.x.2 network, with the router being 10.x.x.1).

In the past, I've simply changed the IP range of the WiFi router and made the router, in this case, 10.x.x.50 or something out of the way but easy to remember. When I try this, however, it doesn't want to change. I'm trying to change in the LAN setup page of the WiFi router but get an error message about the changes I'm trying to make being incompatible with the WAN subnet (or something- sorry, I'm not in front of it right now).

Any thoughts- this is stumping me. Why isn't it letting me change the IP address of the WiFi router to be in the same range as the modem?

For what it's worth, the N300 router is a new one and they now seem to be using what they call 'Genie' to make things easier (it does look easier, but I never had any trouble before Genie came along... perhaps it's just a PEBCAK or ID10T error on my part :p

Thanks in advance.
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What does IPconfig /all show on the desktops?
Check any policy or protocol configuration needs to be checked for this.
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Basically - you can't get from your 192.168.x.x to your 10.0.0.x  network just like you can't connect to the guy next store - you are on  two different networks -
If the ISP put in a new Modem/Router combo (Home Router) and this is a business, call your ISP and get them to bridge the Modem/Router  This will get you a public IP off your Modem/Router which can be plugged into the Wan port of your Wireless Router.

Tell your ISP they have 1 hour to make the changes or you will be invoicing for all your lost time - YOU ARE A BUSINESS - they should not be putting anything but a business class modem only into your site
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pjam, there's only one desktop- the file server where the other PCs are trying to connect to via drive mapping. The IP is in the same range as the cable modem (10.1.1.x), the subnet mask is and the Default Gateway is the IP of the cable modem (

Sandeep_Agarwal, sorry, I didn't quite get what you were suggesting. What policies/ protocols and on which device/s should I check?

rindi, I understand what you're saying. So, you're essentially saying I should connect it as though it's merely a switch? Already disabled the DHCP on the WiFi router in the hopes that each connect device would be assigned an IP from the cable modem and, thus, would then be able to connect to the server.

DTHConsulting, I know that the 10.x.x.x network couldn't connect to the 192.x.x.x network but was hoping to simply change the IP address of the WiFi router, thus integrating it into the existing IP range. That way, everything talks, the cable modem issues IPs to the laptops running through the WiFi router, everyone can access the shared drive and everyone's happy.
DTHConsulting, I'm sure I have done this exact thing before, but perhaps I am wrong and over simplifying it.
Check whether AP isolation is enabled in the router.
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Rindi, yes, I get what you're saying.

Brilliant thought regarding connecting all devices to the 4 ports of the WiFi router and only connecting the Router to the modem with nothing else connecting directly into it. Yes, Static IPs all 'round will mean some tweaking, but that'll take less than a minute on each PC, so that won't hinder progress.

Sat evening here, but will try this fix on Monday. Will allocate points and close this ticket then- thanks to all for your assistance!
Thanks Rindi (et al) - changed settings to make router an AP, changed the location of the cabling and, hey presto, works like a charm!