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Exchange 2010 Active Directory errors

Our current configuration is one MS SBS 2011 server, hosting exchange and a few other services. We had migrated to this server from the previous over a year ago, with no issues. I used the built in SBS migration tools, followed the wizards to get everything moved over and didn't have problems for a long time. Just this week (new patch? not sure) our email stopped flowing in - checking event viewer I found the messages were in the server but the transport service was trying to send them to the OLD server mailboxes. Restart all the exchange services and the emails all went to the right mailbox but this would keep happening.

Having done several swing migrations I felt confident enough to open up ADSI edit and "fix" the issue. I browsed to Configuration > Services > Exchange > (domain) > Administrative Groups > Exchange Administrative Groups > Servers

Here I found the old server listed and thought "Oh great the migration tool missed something Here I'll just fix it" instead of searching properly or asking here first.

After deleting this whole server container I noticed full on errors in the event viewer (where before it was just notices about messages queuing for a missing transport server). SO FAR email has flowed normally but I need to make sure this isn't going to blow up on me.  The attached text file has the errors I'm currently getting, plus the old error previous to the adsi edit.

Please let me know if there is other info you need or if that formatting is too terrible to read.
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The servers container being empty shouldn't be a problem - it will be flagged by the Best Practises tool though.
Have you restarted the live Exchange server since removing it?

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Ok, an update - running the XBPA wizard pointed out a couple of the problems and I was able to follow the steps on the MS page to resolve them. I can't reboot after THESE changes, though we had rebooted before with no change.

So you know, the XPBA was complaining about Site Folder Server Deleted and Recipient Update Service is missing or not configured.

The update service may not be resolved yet but isn't a huge concern for me. Followed the instructions for the Site Folder Server fix and have already seen less (almost none) errors in event viewer about things missing. XBPA still shows errors but nothing critical, or at least that requires me to put customers on hold.  Will update after a reboot tonight.
So how did it all go and hope as i said EXBPA can always be done on a monthly basis or even used for troubleshooting purposes ....

Always remember that Toolbox in EMC will be one of your good friends with different working ability.

- Rancy
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I should have thought of this immediately as long as I've worked with Exchange. Followed the MS instructions along with googling around and the system is stable. Thanks!