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USB Printers printing slow Windows Pro 64 bit

I have several smart label printers models range from  100 ~ 450  they are all slow to start printing.  They are all connected to the computer by USB. The computers are running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. I have downloaded the latest drivers and reinstalled them. I have also ran all available Windows updates on the work stations. The problem still continues.  Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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It may be that the document(s) you are trying to printer exceed the printer(s) memory size and they are forced to print slower. How slow are we talking here? 1-5 minutes or like 30 minutes?
Try to empty the printer que from old jobs.
Start by stopping the printer spooler, go to command prompt and type;
net stop spoolers
Go to C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS and delete the files in this folder, go back to the command prompt and type:
net start spoolers

Print again and see if there's any improvement.
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Thank you for the comments. I do not think this is a memory Issue with the printers. The printers in question are label printers and the problem will present itself with a simple one word test label.  I did stop the Spoolers as suggested and checked the PRINTERS folder but there were no files in the folder.

I did some further testing and found that the LaserJet USB Printer connected to the workstations in question work as expected. When sending a test label to the label printer the delay is from 15 to 30 seconds before it will print. I also noticed a spike in CPU usage during this time.  After the  first label is printed subsequent labels will print right away (no delay). If the  workstation is restarted the same scenario will play out.
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user solved problem after several calls to the help desk of the printer model in question. This question was over looked and should have been closed long ago.