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Dialogue box

I have the update box below that I use every month, is there anyway I can insert a dialog box to ask for the file name in the bolded part of the update below?

UPDATE TB_sept INNER JOIN Accounts_table ON TB_sept.Account= Accounts_table.Account SET TB_sept.OAD_Category = Accounts_table.OAD_Category, TB_sept.Sort_Order = Accounts_table.Sort_Order;

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mbizup's is the post you should go with.
I don't really see the need for a dialog box specifically...

But Just FYI, you could use something like this if that is what you really needed:

dim strSQL as string
dim strTable as string

strTable = InputBox("Enter Table Name:")

I am sure mbizup could help you if you wanted to use a combobox/listbox to select the table (to avoid user spelling errors)


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Thanks indeed.