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jsonp cross domain request not called

I am trying to make a cross domain request in an aspx page to return some xml data.

I am using the following script

function getTotalNumberofPages() {
var result = -1;
var url = path + 'GetPageCount.ashx?' + 'templateId=' + sTemplateID + '&query=' + encodeURIComponent('<%=sqlstatement%>') + '&conn=' + encodeURIComponent(connectionString);

	url: url,
	type: "GET",
	dataType: "jsonp xml",
	success: function ( xml )
			xml = textToXML(xml)
			var pages = $j( xml ).find( "Size" ).text();
			result = parseInt(pages);
	error: function (jqXHR, textStatus, errorThrown) {
			alert("Error: GetPageCount " + errorThrown.message + "\n" + errorThrown.description + "\n" + jqXHR.responseText);
			result = -1;
		return result;

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Whenever the function gets called I receive the error:

PagesCallback was not called.

I don't know why this error is occurring or what action to take to resolve this.

A google search has not proved very fruitful either.

I may resort to some voodoo but thought best to try the scientific approach before any chickens have to die.

Any help would be much appreciated by myself and most definitely by the chickens.

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Seems you might need

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Sorry that hasn't worked.  I still get the same error.
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Closing the question as no solution was found and the question is out of date now.