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Need way to save passwords that is accessable by a browser and built so teams of people can access.

My team builds test servers and domains for a larger corporation. We set up unique passwords for each test environment. We'd like a way to save these passwords in a common place and restrict access to them by group.

Details :
- I have a group of 5 people who need access to ALL passwords. This is my team and we will enter the passwords for each environment as we create them and then assign that environment or server to the division that the environment was created for.
- I have multiple divisions in the company. I'd like the division users to be able to log into a browser based page and they'll only have access the passwords for their division. Not all of them.
- We need the access method to be browser based because our company uses a mix of Windows/MAC/Linux boxes so a thick client won't work.
- Needs to be searchable so that the divisions can log into the website and search for an environment by name and get the passwords for that environment.
Example :
- My team builds three servers for a test scenario. Domain controller, SQL Server, Application server. These servers are to test Software X V5.
- We key the passwords into the browser based system and assign them to "Software X division"
- Users from Software X Division can log into the browser and search for "v5" and it'll provide them with the passwords we used.
- But users from "Division Y" and "Division Z" cannot see those passwords.

Any ideas would be appreciated. A Sharepoint site is an option for us but I was hoping for other alternatives.
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We use keypass
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I looked at that but don't see the web-based piece. Can your users access the tool from a browser? The program itself is a thick windows client.
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that should be possible with SharePoint out-of-the-box without coding.

Just create
a. one list containing the logins. passwords and further information
b. create a group for your "build" team which has Contribute permission on the list
c. For each "client" team create one additional group. Give this group read permissions on the associated items

I am comfortable with that solution but sharepoint has issues displaying correctly on some of my user's systems (linux and mac display hiccups) and not every client is a member of a domain so managing groups/users is a challenge. I'll take that route if i have to but was hoping for other alternatives. Your response was well written and I appreciate the time you took to detail the steps, but I'd like to look into non sharepoint alternatives.

which SharePoint version (and edition) are we talking about?
WSS 3.0 or SharePoint Foundation?
MOSS 2007 or SharePoint Server 2010?
SharePoint Online / Office 365 ?

Which browsers are used by non-MS OS?

In regards to authentication there would also be a solution:
ADAM (Active Directory Application Mode)
How to configure:

SharePoint / ADAM offers a lot right OOTB - perhaps you will give it a try.

@Rainer - Thank you again for the detailed update but I am really looking for a non sharepoint solution. I will go that route if needed but I was hoping for a different appraoch.
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Didn't find exactly what we need. Will keep looking.