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Deskjet Printer. DOS Echo Control Character to Eject Paper.

Can the paper be ejected using DOS?

This is on an Epson inkjet printer - specifically an Eposn Stylus Photo R340.

I use a DOS batch file to output some text (about 20 lines or so) by redirecting output from a batch file to the PRN device ie.,

printsums >PRN
The problem is, when printing stops, the paper does not eject. It just remains half stuck in the printer.

So, can I add some code to my batch file to eject the remainder of the form?

I have tried the character sequence: 'ECHO [ALT-27][ALT-12] >PRN' however, this only advances the paper 1 line.

Also, I repeatedly entered the 'ECHO [ALT-27][ALT-12] >PRN' command until the paper finally ejected noting the number (54) of ECHOs required. I then placed the ECHO command insde a FOR /L-loop counting from 1..54 however, it did not advance the paper 54 times, it only advanced it 30-odd times. Could this be due to the printer's buffer not accepting the full 54 ECHO commands?
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I've always used CTRL-L as in ECHO ^L > PRN:
CTRL-L = 12 Decimal = 0C Hexadecimal (sorry hd) = 14 Octal
as in my link..

I goofed. FF is indeed Hex 0C
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'echo [ALT-12]' actually does show up as 'echo FF' in Notepad++ (where 'FF' is in reverse video).

So, 'echo [ALT-12] >prn' does infact perform a formfeed however, it ejects the current sheet of paper and feeds in the next sheet ready for printing onto. I didn't want this so I settled for the following:

for  /l %%a in (1,1,40) do echo.>prn
On all accounts, I overlooked the simple 'echo.>prn' when posting the question.