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XML Google Maps Issue 2


I have the following code which works perfectly in a web browser, however, I am trying to get it to work in a VBS Script, so have removed the server. code, but it doesn't work as a VBS - perhaps I'm doing something wrong...?  I've removed the 'response.write' scripts as I'm trying to update the DB as to whether a location has been found or not...

The code is as follows:

Option Explicit

Dim SQL, RS, ID, address, objSrvHTTP, url, sensor, objXML, objLst, j, i, AddressStr, AddStrLinkBack, lat, lng, msg, DB, strConn, mesg ' , objXMLSend, objXMLReceive

strconn = "Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Persist Security Info=False;User ID=userid;Password=testpassword;Initial Catalog=DBName;Data Source=IPADDRESS;"
DB.Open strconn

SQL = SQL & "select * from locations where lng = '' OR lng is NULL order by Region" 
Set RS = DB.Execute(SQL)

'Response.Write "<locations>"
	'Response.Write "<location>"
	ID = RS("ID")
	'Response.Write "<id>" & ID & "</id>"

  address = RS("location") & "," & RS("Region") & "," & RS("Country")

  Set objSrvHTTP = CreateObject("Msxml2.ServerXMLHTTP.6.0")
   url = ""
   sensor = "&sensor=false"
   url = url & URLEncode(address) & sensor "GET", url, false
   Set objXML = objSrvHTTP.responseXML
   If objXML.parseError.errorCode <> 0 Then
	 msg = "Error Found"

	j = 0
	i = 0
	lng = ""
	lat = ""
	AddressStr = ""
	AddStrLinkBack = ""

	Set objLst = objXML.selectNodes("//formatted_address")
	For i = 0 to (objLst.length - 1)
		If objLst.item(i).nodeName = "formatted_address" Then
		  AddressStr = objLst.item(i).text
		  j = j + 1
		  url = "searchaddress.asp?address=" & objLst.item(i).text
		  AddStrLinkBack = AddStrLinkBack & "<p><a href=""" & url & """>" & objLst.item(i).text & " lng: " & lng & " lat: " & lat & "</a></p>"
		End If
	Set objLst = Nothing

	Set objLst = objXML.selectNodes("//location/*")
	For i = 0 to (objLst.length - 1)

		If objLst.item(i).nodeName = "lat" then
			lat = objLst.item(i).text
		end if
		If objLst.item(i).nodeName = "lng" then
			lng = objLst.item(i).text
		end if
	Set objLst = Nothing

	If lng <> "" AND lat <> "" then
		SQL = "Update Locations set NotFound=0 where ID='" & ID & "'"
		SQL = "Update Locations set NotFound=1 where ID='" & ID & "'"
	End if
	mesg = mesg & SQL & "<BR>"

   End If

	Set objSrvHTTP = Nothing
	'Set objXMLSend = Nothing
	'Set objXMLReceive = Nothing
	Set objXML = Nothing

	'Response.Write "</location>"
'Response.Write "</locations>"

Set RS = Nothing
Set DB = Nothing

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Thanks in advance!
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Robert Schutt
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The one place left where you can delete 'Server' as well is

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Not sure if that could make a difference but worth a try, the object should exist. Haven't tried the code yet, but will do so in a minute...
Ah, there is a problem earlier than that. Before the DB.Open you need to create that object (was probably in the include file before).
Set DB = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")

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and you need a vbs implementation for URLEncode.
' found on:

Function URLEncode(ByVal str)
	Dim strTemp, strChar Dim intPos, intASCII
	strTemp = ""
	strChar = ""
	For intPos = 1 To Len(str)
	intASCII = Asc(Mid(str, intPos, 1))
	If intASCII = 32 Then
		strTemp = strTemp & "+"
	ElseIf ((intASCII < 123) And (intASCII > 96)) Then
		strTemp = strTemp & Chr(intASCII)
	ElseIf ((intASCII < 91) And (intASCII > 64)) Then
		strTemp = strTemp & Chr(intASCII)
	ElseIf ((intASCII < 58) And (intASCII > 47)) Then
		strTemp = strTemp & Chr(intASCII)
		strChar = Trim(Hex(intASCII))
		If intASCII < 16 Then
			strTemp = strTemp & "%0" & strChar
			strTemp = strTemp & "%" & strChar
		End If
	End If
	URLEncode = strTemp
End Function

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Hi Robert - no go...

I copied everything you suggested, and it still won't play ball...!
What happens? I placed some MsgBox calls in the script and it does its job nicely. Do you want to update lat/lng in the database? And/or need to write out some logging maybe?
I get an error (0x1) in Wndows Scheduler.  Ideally, yes I'd like to update the DB - and get a message letting me know when it's completed, but that's not important.  I don't need to see anything if it runs quietly in the background!  Could yu send me your exact code and I'll see if the issue's with the server please?
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Robert Schutt
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Thanks Robert - I'm going to mark this as complete and post again if it still doesn't work, but as you've tested it, the question has to all extents and purposes, been answered!
Thank you!