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A possible way to get the local printers dailog

I have a class that takes in

String filePath
String printerName
String jobName

public void startPDFPrint() throws Exception {
      new AplotPdfPrintLocal().printPDF("c:\\Temp\\test.pdf", "\\\\PrintServer\\MyPrinter",
            "PDF Print Job");

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Right now it sends to the default printer.  
What would be great is if I could display the local printers in a dialog.
Then when the user selects the printer they want to print to, the value of \\\\PrintServer\\MyPrinter is set to the selected printer.

I know that SWT has a PrintDialog, but I think it actually does the printing.

I am looking for any eaxamples or suggestions on how I can achieve the above issue.

If there is some example code included I would be happy to increase the points.  I really need to get this issue resolved as soon as possible.
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Thanks for the prompt answer.  You are 100% correct on your answer.  After I implemented the dialog in my code - It did send the printerName as I requested, but did not send any other information like copies needed.  Which I do understand why it don't.

This means my Print class needs to take in more data other than printerName.
I increased the points because you answered my question and use code.  Thanks