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Photoshop 6 hangs when opening PDF

We have an old copy of Photoshop 6 running on a Windows 7 PC. The user can open Photoshop and create PDFs with no problem. When she tries to re-open one of these saved PDFs the application hangs and has to be forced to shutdown through Task Manager.

Where can I start looking as there is nothing reported in Event Viewer.

Any help would be grealty appreciated

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Joe Winograd
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Hi Mat,
To start the troubleshooting, it will be good to know if the PDF that it's creating is corrupt. So for starters, see if some other PDF reader/viewer can open it. Here are links to some free PDF reader/viewers:

Adobe Reader

Foxit Reader:

PDF-XChange Viewer:

Regards, Joe
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Thanks Joe.. have just opened a PDF (made in Photshop6) with Acrobat Reader X.. and it's ok.. re-saved it.. then tried to open with Photoshop 6 and got an error.. not the usual hang but an error.. saying corrupted file.

Would going back to an older version of Reader be of any use..?

thanks again

It's good news that Reader X can open it. It may be that Photoshop 6 is incapable of reading later PDF versions. When you open the file in Reader X, click File>Properties and in the Advanced section of the Description tab, what does it say for "PDF Version"? I don't have Photoshop 6, but it's possible that it can handle only old versions, such as 1.3 or 1.4. Of course, that doesn't explain why it hangs reading its own file that it made! But one step at a time. Btw, it seems that there are some complexities in exporting to's an interesting paper worth a read:

Regards, Joe
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You're very welcome! Glad to help. Regards, Joe
I just noticed that you didn't award any points. I normally don't complain about that, but I said in my post, "It may be that Photoshop 6 is incapable of reading later PDF versions." And you said, "a newer version of Photoshop" fixed it, so it would seem that my suggestion was exactly what you did...and what fixed it. Regards, Joe
As stated above...