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ASP.NET Set Color based on Status

I am using a repeater to display status of an item.  I created a method "GetStatus" to return "incomplete" or "complete".  I would like this to display as red if it is "incomplete" and "green" if it is complete as the data loads in the repeater.  Any ideas?

Small code sample
  <tr align="left">
        <%# DataBinder.Eval(Container, "dataItem.ID") %>
        <%# GetStatus(DataBinder.Eval(Container, "dataItem.ID")) %>

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I would do this in the RowDataBound event.

First, you'd vind the repeater to a data source that contained all of the information you needed.

Then, based off the info, you could set the colore (text color?) of the html element based off the status. The element would need to have a runat="server" set. You'd need to do a FindControl(...) within the event to grab that element.

Do you need an example for this?  Here are some sites:
Try this,
 <%# GetStatus(DataBinder.Eval(Container, "").ToString()) %>

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Code behind
public static string GetStatus(string status)
        if (status.ToLower() == "incomplete")
            return "cssRed";//Have class in css .cssRed{color:red;}
        else {
            return "cssGreen";//Have class in css .cssGreen{color:green;}


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I modified your solution a bit and got it to work.