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DNS forwarding and masking in Server 2008

I am looking for a way to do DNS Forwarding and Masking in Windows Server 2008 DNS services. I need to do a 301 Redirect from to Ultimately, I need to mask the second URL to look like it came from the first URL. I can do it externally through Network Solution and UtlraDNS, but I need to do it internally also. These sites are externally hosted so I can't use anything with IIS.
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No matter what you do with DNS, it can't redirect to specific URL paths like /public/.  Are you saying that the site is not on your network?  Is "" the name of your internal domain?
If you're doing a 301 Redirect then you won't be masking any URL.  If you need masking then you'll be looking more at a reverse proxy or URL rewrite situation, to be honest I couldn't tell you any more in this regard.  If you're just looking to redirect to the other IP, then DNS can do what you're asking, and your answers to my above questions will let me give you more specific advice.
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I'm not sure how Network Solution and UltraDNS are doing it, but it does work externally. Correct, neither of these web sites is hosted by us internally. the first one is a subdomain of our our company domain. The second one is a service that we use and we want the URL in the browser to show still being on our company domain and not the external domain name.

Nevermind... I just figured it out. Both sites are creating a fake web site that has iFrames. That's how they are getting around it.

My Web Forwarding Is Working But It’s Not Masking The URL
The most common reason masking doesn’t work is because the Web site you are forwarding to has security features built in to protect the content by not allowing other Web sites to frame or capture the content as if it where their own. This is commonly referred to as frame busting or frame breaking.
When Network Solutions forwards your domain name with masking, the Web site is placed inside a frame. If the Web site you are forwarding to has Frame Busting built in, it will break the Network Solutions frame and the masking will not work.
In order to resolve this issue, you will need to have the Frame Buster removed from the destination Web site.
Well, unless you wanted to set up a site internally that would function the same way, what I would recommend is to just create an A record on your internal DNS to point to the external IP of your site.  So under the "" Forward Lookup Zone, create a new record for the name "subdomain" that points to the public IP.  Let me know if you need assistance finding that IP.  Your internal users will go to the same site that external users do, and Network Solutions can continue to do their site-within-a-site thing.  Afraid that doesn't help with your masking issue, but there's nothing I can suggest there.
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I found the solution by creating a iframe html file in a folder on the first domain web site that calls the second URL in a separate frame. The main frame is the one that shows the URL in the browser window.
Isn't that exactly what I said in my post? about using the IFRAME Line 13!!