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Exchange 2010 DAG

All of our Exchange Servers are going to be virtual. Is it better to store a Exchange DAG databases and data on a separate Volume on our SAN or is better to have on the exchange data on the VHD of our mailbox servers?
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Adam Brown
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It's best to keep mailbox data on a LUN that is separate from the Exchange OS, as well as a different LUN from the Log data. In an optimal Exchange configuration, each Exchange server would talk to three separate SAN LUNs, or Direct attached storage for the OS, a LUN for the Database, and a LUN for the Logs. Also note that each database copy and log storage should be on a separate LUN as well.
This is what i am using.

C:\ OS drive only
E:\ Exchange Installation Path
F:\ 10GB Anchor LUN
DB Lun's Under the F:\
           Like F:\ABCDB001 under this LUN i create 2 folder namely, DB and Logs
Separate each DB in different LUN. Don't keep all data in one LUN, in case lun is corrputed all db's will be gone.

Tell me how many servers you are planning in DAG, i can help you to design it.
amit, The design you have there is actually exposing you to some risks. By keeping your Logs and Database files on the same LUN. Best design is to keep the Databases and the log files tied to the database on separate drives or luns. If you keep a database and its logs on the same LUN/Drive, if that LUN fails, you lose the whole database and can't restore to point in time from backups because you also lose your Logs for that database. You can store logs for one database on the LUN for the other database, and that would work, but keeping a database and its logs on the same LUN is a bad practice.
You are right. However, It is unnecessary administration overhead, creating so many lun's/folders for db's and lun. SAN already have lot of redundancy. Again, you have another copy of same db on another server. I use different SAN from different vendor for allocating space to my server. Other best practice, format each lun 64kb. Use Jetstress tool to test the I/O performance. Best to use Exchange mailbox calculator and get best suitable result.
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Why do you recommend the Exchange Installation on its on drive?
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Simon Butler (Sembee)
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