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How can a button/macro be created to search another column in Excel 2010

Good Day Experts,

In Excel 2010 i'd like to compare data from 2 columns and if data in column A isn't found in all of Column B then the cell of  data within Column A turns red.  So the data in column A might not be on the same row as the data in column B but if that data is somewhere in Column B then the data doesn't turn red.  If Data in a single cell within Column A is not anywhere in Column B then that cell of data turns red.

Is this possible?

many Thanks,

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Saqib Husain
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The previous comment assumes that your data starts in A1. If not then change the a1 in the given formula to whatever it is.
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ok so i gotta figure out how to make something else work before i can do this

the list i'm comparing to has names as firstname.lastname in column B and Column A has firstname, lastname

I'll create another question so i'm not putting two questions in one
WOOOWHOOOO!!! it worked!!! Thank you so much!!!