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How to Dump Distribution List Membership in to an Excel sheet

I have the following script which I am using to dump out Distribution List, Owner, and PrimarySMtp which exports it out into a CSV file:

Get-DistributionGroup | Select-object Name,@{label="ManagedBy";expression={[string]($_.managedby | foreach {$_.tostring().split("/")[-1]})}},Primarysmtpaddress | Export-Csv path

What I am wondering is if anyone knows what command to insert into the above script to get the group memebership for the DL's?
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Joseph Daly
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You can use the get-distributiongroupmember command.
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You cannot pipe the get-distributiongroupmember, it will error out telling you that you are not allowed to do it.
get-distributiongroupmember groupname | export-csv c:\list.csv
The above listed script will pipe out all of our DL's and so I want the groups to be in line with each one of the DL's which the above will give me the group membership, but for only that one group; I need group membership for 400+ groups so I don't want to do the above 400+ times :)  Thank you though.
How about this?

Get-DistributionGroup  | foreach{
$name = $
$managedby =$_.managedby
$primarysmtpaddress = $_.primarysmtpaddress
"Distribution group:$name, ManagedBY:$managedby, Email:$primarysmtpaddress">>c:\email.txt
Get-DistributionGroupMember $name | select-object name >> c:\email.txt
"" >>c:\email.txt
here is the error you get when trying to do get-distributiongroup and get-distributiongroupmembers:

Pipeline not executed because a pipeline is already executing. Pipelines cannot be executed concurrently.
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