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Need help locating 2008 R2 sp1 Hotfix 4 to help solve database locking problem

I was told in a previous post that SP1 hotfix 4 might solve my problem with Sage Business Works getting the error that "the file can't be opened because it is being accessed by another program".  However the person helping with that post seems to be unavailable.  
So I'm asking where is 2008 R2 sp1 hotfix 4.

I'm trying to fix the problem at a friends business, so this is important.

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do you  have hotfix number? or for which issue you need the hotfix
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no number.  The fix that corrects the database locking problem
for which application? Exchange DB, SQL DB etc
Any reason why you are not using SP2 ??

List of SQL Server Versions and Hotfixes

This should help you out.
SP2 for 2008 R2?  Please provide the link.
See the link that I gave you it has all of the versions, updates, hotfixes, service packs.
I just checked and SQL is not installed on the Server.  Sage Business Works is using a version built into the software.  I think?  See attached.

My original question should have been clearer.  I'm looking for help with Windows 2008 R2 Server.
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ok, that clarifies the Hotfix.  Yes I spoke to them on Wednesday and they said they never seen this problem.