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Backup Exec 2010 R3 Restore Issues: Services do not carry over from 2008 R2 Virtual Server to another, all hosted on VMware


I am attempting to complete a Disaster Recovery solution using Symantec Backup Exec 2010 R3 on a Windows 2008 R2 Virtual Server within a VMware 8 Virtual Server stored on an EXSi v5.0 host. I need to restore two 2008 R2 servers hosted in the same manner to simulate a third party application solution going completely down. The goal is to restore the two servers to designated "Restore To" servers that will take the Data, Registry Settings, Program Files, IP Address, and Machine Name of the old "down" server(s) post-restore.

The Backup-to-Disk jobs run without difficuty.  However, the Restore jobs are not pulling over the given services for the servers in question:

Server 1, Web Application Server: This server hosts Quest ActiveRoles Server ( The goal is to back up then restore the critical application data, System State, and Shadow Copy Components. The backups run, then I shut down all application servers to simulate a server going down before restoring data to "Restore Server 1". All Job logs indicate that the System State and Shadow Copy Components do restore. However, When I try to open the ActiveRoles Server Console on the new server, the MMC snap-in cannot be created. Neither the Registry Connection Strings nor the Name/IP Address carry over to the new server. I attached a screen shot of the Quest Admin Service that does not carry over from Backup to Restore.

Server 2, SQL Server: This server hosts the SQL 2008 Server for the ActiveRoles Server solution. The goal is to do a "full metal backup" and restore, or backup then restore all crticial data, all databases, System State, Shadow Copy Components, essentially anything needed from three volumes (C: being SQL Program Files, D: SQL Log Files, E: SQL Database Files). Attached is a sample where File Redirection is only letting me back up one volume at a time.  SQL Server services (SQL Server [instance]), SQL Server Agent (Instance), SQL Server Browser, SQL Server VSS Writer) do not carry over after I restore the three volumes, even though the restore job log indicates everything was restored to "Restore Server 2." No snap-ins will open before I can even attempt to restore the Master SQL Database followed by the other databases.  Was I supposed to restore the services to a certain volume?  Post-restore errors point me to inconsistencies in the volume setups.

Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows Systems is deployed to all servers.  Agent for Microsoft SQL Server is installed on the Backup server. A Trial of Agent for VMware Virtual Infrastructure is installed on the Backup server as well, but while the VMware Virtual Disk File appears on the Backup server, the Virtual Disk Infrastructure Service does not.

Is the solution I am trying to build, Restore a 2008 R2 Server within a VMware Virtual Machine using Backup Exec 2010 R3 on a 2008 R2 Server within a VMware machine, even possible?  Do I need to determine how to get the Backup Exec VSS Provider to start without 1053 errors?  Or is the best recovery to build a fresh 2008 R2 Server, reinstall ActiveRoles Server or SQL, then importing the critical data afterwards? Any help anyone could provide is appreciated.
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Are you completing a Bare Metal Restore?
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If Bare Metal being entire drives, then Yes.  For the SQL Volumes, I was backing up all three volumes, C, D, and E, in one job.  From there, I was restoring the C Drive, System State, and Shadow Copy Components on one job, the D Drive on a second, the E Drive on a third.

For SQL Database Backups, I backed up all the Databases in one job, then received "could not attach to a device" errors when I ever I tried to restore "master" in one job, with the intent on restoring all of the other databases in another job.  I was challenged with whether or not to restore the databases to the C or E drive.

My main focus was on Server 1, I was backing up and trying to restore the entire C drive, System State, and Shadow Copy Components.  pagefile.sys would not back up even though everything in C: was selected, but I believe that is by design (the new server will rebuild it on its own).

I started some experimenting for the application server jobs, as I am not seeing the need to restore the entire C drive.  Unchecking System Volume Information from the Backup list did not change anything with the restores.

For restores, I had used both Overwrite everything and Overwrite only if older.  For Junction Points, I used Merge and take from backup at given times.  No combination of settings produced a fully successful restore.
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