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VSS Errors During Backup on Server 2008 R2 with new USB drive

I support a Windows Server 2008 R2 box that recently began experiencing VSS errors/failures during backup jobs.  Backup software is NovaSTOR Backup Essentials 12.6.  All daily/weekly jobs were running without any errors/problems until a Toshiba Canvio Desk 3 TB USB 3.0 external hard drive was connected to the server box (thru a USB 2.0 port).  No backup jobs were targeted for this new drive, it was just connected (recognized, drivers installed, drive letter assigned).  The first backup job that ran the night after the drive was connected had over 2,100 "Client file is busy, retry..." log entries -- these were typically system files, live SQL database files, etc.  
Windows Application Event Log recorded several VSS errors repeatedly, nos. 8193 and 12293 during the time the backup jobs were running.  
Running "vssadmin list writers" in an elevated command prompt returned many "timed out" and "failed" components immediately after a job ran.  Restarting the OS returned VSS to normal.
Resolution to our VSS errors was accomplished by simply disconnecting the new 3 TB external USB hard drive. This drive was NTFS with 4 kb cluster format.  Reformatting to 8kb clusters made no difference.
When we connected a different external USB hard drive (Fantom 1 TB G-Force USB 3.0), backup jobs ran normally (no errors, no VSS failures).
1. What can I do to resolve the issue if I choose to use the Toshiba 3 TB drive?
2. What may be causing the VSS errors?
3. Do I need to specially configure VSS to accomodate certain external hard drives?
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See if there is a firmware update for your external drive. The 3 tb drives ( and above ) can cause a problem unless the bios supports it. I would guess that if you used the same enclosure with a 2 tb drive you would have no problems.
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No BIOS or firmware upgrade available for this external hard drive.  Great suggestion though.
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No other solutions offered resolved the problem.  Solution found by experimenting.