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DOSBox 0.74

I am using Windows 7 64bit and I have been enjoying the O/S, but whether some folks realize it or not, there are those of us that actually have some great programs that fulfill a need, that are written and produce 16bit executables. I do not have a desire to rewrite the applications, but I do need some function that DOSBox is not providing. I love the ability to produce a full screen using the DOSBox, something that Vista and Windows 7 decided to drop since XP, but I do use that on XP systems. (I love XP Pro)

Here is my wish list: I would like to be able to capture LPT1 and send it to a printer, a network printer.

I would like to map network folders to a drive letter

Essentially, I'd like the Net Use functionality.

Any ideas how to make this work?
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Have you read this?
I have an older computer running Win3.11 and DOS 6.22 to run those old programs that make me a lot of money.  I don't run into those compatibility issues of course.  I use Microsoft TCP/IP in Win3.11 to put it on the network with the other machines.  Works fine, works great, lasts long time.
Otherwise just run a virtual machine, i.e. Virtual PC or Vmware Player with Windows 98 VM say and it can connect to the networked printer path on the server side and is effectively DOS.  May well be OK with Windows XP compatibility mode too (i.e. Virtual PC Windows XP).

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I would like to run in Virtual, but Microsoft killed the large screen function in the video, so all I get is a small window. DOSBox opens and can be made to use the full screen, just like XP used to do.
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Try free utility DOSPrint to capture LPT ports...

I've been using it for years and it works great even under WIN7 64bit!!!
Still searching for a solution.
I'm afraid I haven't come across in my dealings of old DOS apps. recently, only suggestions I had was above, sorry.

If I do find something will post back here.

Hmm did find this after a poke around, though haven't tried it.  Also people saying to use older video drivers would then allow it but current ones do not.

So having looked more seems no chance of getting the text mode big screen you desire short of using old video drivers, and then probably not on 64 bit I assume.

So you are left with running it full screen in a window, either full screen within the virtual OS window using XP Compatibility mode (i.e. XP in Virtual PC), Vmware or whatever.

Still looking for a solution.
I don't believe there is one.  If you want full-screen video in true text-mode in Windows 7 64-bit it's not going to happen.

If you want full screen text but actually a graphical window there are a number of solutions you already have.
Considering that I'm not the only person that is looking for this solution, one would think there is an opportunity here. At this point, the only solution is to revert to XP Pro. Too bad the Microsoft people are so short sighted. With the Windows 8 learning curve, and the requirement to buy updated software, and the lack of features many users prefer, some are looking into the Linux desktop and all that it has to offer. Since there is a learning curve, the playing field may now be balanced, and market share for Microsoft may continue to erode. The greed of the sale is driving users and potential new users to other's sad really. Where are the Microsoft visionaries? Where are the folks that know how to bridge the past to the future? I'm sure the migration path is not as quick as they would like, but there are realities, and companies that tick off the users can't really expect brand loyalty, can they? I'd like to remind a few folks, that once there was MicroPro (WordStar), SCO Xenix, and Word Perfect...where are they now. Take care of your base, more sales will come with new users, every year, and retention of current users will allow you to continue where others have faltered. Now that I've said my piece, I am going to look for a different solution.
Aside from originally working on 8 bit micros eaking every last little bit of fiddles and sneaky ways to saved the odd byte and processor cycle (my Dragon had 890Khz clock) I used to work for a company that sold TCPIP stacks and a lot of very clever people.... Firefox & later FTP Software....  Now obviously thats included in virtually every electronic device on the planet now so things move on.

I suppose we should be quite grateful that through virtualisation some of the oldest stuff can still run, effectively direct hardware access, bits of machine code embedded in compiled BASIC programs, writing direct to video screens etc... clearly can't run un-aided in modern multi-tasking OS's without being in their own virtual box.

You don't actually still use Word Perfect and Visicalc too do you :-)

No, but until I got a hold of a copy of Notepad++ I was using the nondocument mode of Wordstar for some "fiddling" of data & Clarion programming.
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I'll have to review what you sent.

Do get me wrong, I do want to use the "new and improved" versions, but I have some clients that have a perfect solution for their needs running in a DOS environment, and would like to keep it, while upgrading other software.

And you are right, the big companies don't care about little ol' me. I do find your stat about 99 out of 100 a little off, but I do understand why piracy must be prosecuted, vigorously.

I happen to have a few copies of Win311 still in shrink wrap, so perhaps my problem may be solved, for now.
It will also happily run on Windows 95/95 or ME no doubt too which will also happily run on any old computer turfed out from somewhere -- get a couple of ex-corporate machines for £20 etc.. you could probably even use one of the old remote control packages, PC Anywhere, remoteley possible or the like in text mode remote control the "real" virtual machine running on some modern kit !

Good luck with whichever ways you end up anyway
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

Not enough information to confirm an answer.
will post id numbers later but point is this cannot be done full screen video in new versions of windows as the video drivers dont do it.

we have provided dozens of ways of doing what was asked which is mapping drives and printers and our own experiences of the same issues which I think are worth keeping even if points arent awarded.

I understand your objection, and I will award points since I do appreciate the feed back. But to date I have been unable to make these solutions work. ~Frank
Any hint where I can obtain vmware to try your solution? I would be satisfied if I could run a virtual window full screen, but it doesn't appear possible. DOS Box works, but printing is not, and no net use drive mapping either. DOS box does present in a full I have a beginning to the solution. I still need to access a network drive, actually a mapped folder as drive F: and Print to a network printer via LPT1 redirected with Net Use.
Vmware - you can use Vmware "server" for free... and vmware player to play an existing machine.

Windows XP mode (Microsoft virtual PC with Windows XP pre-setup --

If it runs in XP Ok then it will run in "Windows Xp mode" and you can access the mapped drives and printers as normal... though you can probably only maximize the XP window rather than using proper full-screen text mode as with the others.

Good luck with it, was quite happy to carry on helping if needed.  Overactive deletion volunteer deciding to delete the question not me!