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HP n6350n scanner installation problem.

The problem I’m having install a n6350 scanner on 1 particular PC for some reason.

I have to install this scanner on 3 PCs, and so far I’ve installed the scanner w/o a problem on 2 of the PCs. For some reason it looks to me there are account permission problem(s) on the PC it won’t work on, but now sure how that’d be the case because I log into the PC w/ the built in Windows administrator account, which is the same way I successfully installed the scanner on the 2 PCs that work.

I created another user account in the administrator group to see if that would make a change but no luck w/ that either.

This PC can see the scanner on the network, but as you’ll see w/ the attachments I’ve included it looks like some permission issue.

I’ve tried the installation w/ the CD that came w/ the scanner along w/ downloading the full driver package from the website but still the same issue & error messages.
I’ve tried the install from Windows safe mode w/ networking making sure the firewall was disabled and still same issue & error messages.

I’ve surfed around on the internet along w/ the forums but haven’t had luck finding anything on this particular issue.

I wonder if anyone has seen this problem before. I try to email or chat w/ HP but when you enter the product serial # it says the service level agreement is invalid. This scanner is brand new so still is under warranty, but I guess you have to have a service level agreement to use it.

Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.

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Microsoft has an automated Fixit which restores the default permissions.  It is the first one on this page: (and don't worry about the title, the script uses default permissions from a file in Windows)
is the PC running 64 bit Windows?
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It's running 32. I'll try the first suggestion Monday when I get back to work. I did get a reply back from the HP forum shown below, but it's hard to see why HP make there on install program messed up.


>I've included it looks like some permission issue.

That may be bogus.  In both examples, it shows "-option".  It's as if there is some type of variable or macro undefined in the command/batch files and so it ignores it and thinks it is executing an option?

But I don't get an error like that at a Vista command prompt:

'-forcestuff' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
I tried the fixit link but go the window: this microsoft fix does not apply to your operating system or application version. I included a screen shot of the Window I see.

I'll try using Method E tomorrow, but I also remember seeing something dealing w/ user accounts via the command prompt.

Something like net user...need to find that article again.

This lady has never told me about any other problems w/ her PC, which leads me to believe chances are no virus may be causing; is possible though.

I did a quick scan w/ Malware but found nothing.

This PC is 32bit Windows 7 & has IE 8 installed. Do you think it'd make a difference if I installed IE 9?
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Unfortunately I got stuck at another campus today and wasn't able to try the all in one tool.

The college is now on vacation until Monday.

I'm really curious to see how/why this is happening. I haven't done so yet, but if I still have problems, may be the Windows logs will give more detailed info.