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Cisco switch config backup and restore

From my office, I can access my client internal network via VPN. I am trying to backup a couple of switches configurations back to my PC. I am new to this so I am not sure how this can be accomplish.
From my client switch, I cannot ping my PC. So what IP address will I use to configure TFTP.

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several solutions:
1 Are they cisco switches with telnet? (port 23)
if so connect using telnet and copy configuration data (as text)
2 use putty with file transfer

porbably easier

you connect with ssh (port22) and transfer files over internet.

3 you can also try that

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Yes I can do that. But I'd like to figure out if I can use tftp. From my local network I can telnet to the switch. But the switch cannot ping my internal IP addresss (I guess the firewall blocks it).
can you create NAT rule to forward let say 20 and 21 port trafic (tcp and UDP just to be sure) to you address.

let say (your inernal virtual Ip address on vpn firewall-(has to be in subnet of the client side) directs everything to your public IP  (Remeber about firewall rules and your personal firewall - test with ping command first)

 Ping uses icmp packets

It needs to allow icmp 'echo-request' (type 8) packets out and icmp 'echo-reply' (type 0) packets in.
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I haven't had success using TFTP over VPN connections.

What I've had to do for remote support is to TFTP the config to a server/pc on the remote network, and then just copy or E-mail it from there.

Another option is to use PuTTY, configure logging to a local drive, issue the term len 0 command on the device, and then do show run.

Third option is to use SCP.  (Basically, a copy command using SSH.)  You have to enable the SCP service on the remote device, and use a decent SCP client.  (I use the one from PuTTY.)
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