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Windows 2008 Server loses trust with domain at reboot

I have a windows domain with 3 domain controllers (win 2008)
I have recently added several servers.
The most recently added servers when rebooted lose the trust relationship with the DC.
I've checked all the DNS settings

If I take them out of the domain and put them back in they are fine till the next time they restart
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Neil Russell
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physical or virtual servers?
You are not using a virtual server with disks set to revert on poweroff are you?
You might be missing SPN for your Domain.  Open ADSI edit and go the properties of the computer and look for SPN.  You can add your Domain' SPN to resolve this issue.
Are there any entries in the eventlogs ? WHere are they getting time from ? Do you have an ntp server. If the time is wrong on reboot they will lose the channel ( Kerberos does not like long delays ).
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Physical Servers
Nothing in event Log.
Time servers are same.

Here's more strange results.
 If I add a LOCAL user or even local Administrator to the Remote Desktop Users Group, it too disappears on the reboot.
Where are the fsmo roles allocated (PDC emulator that handles time sync ) ?
Are the machines you added all member servers ?
Are all of the server 2008 ?
Are you using AD integrated DNS ?
Did you verify your SPN numbers are in the registry ?

 Good luck
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Still not 100% positive why its fixed.