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connecting exchange account as imap

I'm setting up a small business with office 365 exchange hosted email. They previously used public folders to archive old email so I set up a shared mailbox to replicate this function.

Everyone is using outlook 2007. Only a few users used the public folders. I understand outlook 07 can only connect to one exchange account at a time, but can I connect the shared mailbox to outlook 07 as an imap account? If I do this, can they still drag email into their other mailbox? I think they'd lose contacts and calendar in the shared mailbox by connecting with imap, which is no big deal.

If that doesn't work I need to download several evaluation copies of Outlook or office to get them running and make sure its working. On technet I can only seem to find a professional plus evaluation, which is overkill. Does microsoft have an eval of home and office or even just outlook 2010?

I suppose this was a two parter, thanks for your time!
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