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RDP Failing for Windows XP over VPN Tunnel

We have three offices connected via VPN tunnel from their Fortigate routers.  Servers at each location are running Windows Server 2008, all on the same domain, with Remote Web Workplace setup.  RWW works to form RDP connections to all Windows 7 and Server 2008 systems but fails on all Windows XP systems.  
Testing for a local network connection shows that RDP is working on XP systems and the appropriate port on their firewall is open.  When testing from a remote connection through the VPN tunnel the RDP port does not report as open and RDP connections fail.

Any idea why Windows 7 and 2008 would work with this setup but not XP?
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Are you using the Hostname or IP address to connect to the Windows XP machines across the VPN?  I have seen DNS issues between windows 7/2008 Server and XP before.  Try using IP address if you haven't already.
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We've tried both the hostname and they IP address with the same results.
Make sure IE is on latest version.  Try reseting settings in IE (Internet Options --> Advanced Tab).  

If that doesn't work, try these steps:
1.Within Internet Explorer, open Tools – Internet Options - Programs tab – Select Manage add-ons
 2.Highlight the Microsoft Terminal Service ActiveX control, which will be set to disabled.
 3.Select Enabled – OK
 4.Restart Internet Explorer.
As I understand it the "Microsoft Terminal Service ActiveX Control" is found on the computer you are connecting from, not that one you are connecting to.  That being said we followed the instruction and could not find this listed in the add-ons.
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