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MySQL Injection?

I'm finding a lot of entries like this in my database.

x' if(benchmark(100000000,hex(999999)),null,null)) /*
plus a few things where it looks like they've put
where the alerted text appears to be some base64 encoded nonsense.

I'm assuming these are mysql injection tests or something?

The PHP script that logs the data into the DB is mysql_real_escape_string'd

So - two questions -

1st - is that what they're doing - and just out of curiosity - what are they likely probing for with those types of queries?
2nd - is the mysql_real_escape_string parameter sufficient to ward off that kind of stuff?

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Chris Stanyon
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The fact that ANY unauthorised data is getting into your database should be huge cause for concern, and you should make it a priority to secure your scripts. Update to the latest version of your software (PHP), start using a more secure database library (PDO), validate and sanitize ALL incoming data, check permissions.

1.  They are likely to be probing for any vulnerability in your server (they've obviously already found one)

2.   From the mysql_real_escape_string manual page:

Use of this extension is discouraged. Instead, the MySQLi or PDO_MySQL extension should be used.
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Ray Paseur
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