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having a e-mail address with no mailbox

We have a volunteer who'd like a corporate e-mail address that would auto-forward to his own personal email address. I'd like to not have to create him a mailbox that autofowards, stil collects SPAM, and costs me a yearly license for our SPAM monitor.

Is there a way to give him a address without the mailbox? Distribution list would get it done, but can it be done in his Contact record on Exchange?
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Try to do a Journal Rule. Im not sure if it's exactly what you are looking for. But try this. Good luck.
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Are you using Active Directory?  You can create a contact in AD and be able to forward email to an external email address.  I used the instructions on a couple years ago to set up just what it sounds like you are asking for.
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The Journaling doesn't work and the other is a simple forwarding rule you can setup with an existing mailbox in Exchange 2007 - I'm trying to not assign him a mailbox to forward mail from
Yes you have to create a mailbox however in step 12 (the final step) you DO NOT place the check mark in the option to deliver to both locations and all email will be forwarded including any SPAM. Nothing will ever reach the mailbox on the server.
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Unfortunately, SPAM isn't going to a system folder, it's going to a folder under the Inbox that GFI Mail Essentials creates and SPAM caught by the software is still delivered.
With Exchange, you can't normally forward mail to external users without a Contact and a Mailbox. You can, however, avoid the need for using a CAL by disabling the user account tied to the mailbox.

You *might* be able to do it with a Transport rule, but I doubt it. I don't have access to my test network, so I can't say for sure.
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