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Calculate text fields to equal a percentage

Hi All,

I am want to use a row of text fields to calculate as a total % of completion for that row.
I have 39 columns which data (text) is populated to from a user form. So all in need is for the text to be counted and if all fields are completed it should return a 100% complete score however if some fields are null the then this will change the overall score.
I can divide the fields into section if that is a easier way of caluclating the overall percentage i.e.

A1-D1 = Section 1
E1-I1 = Section 2
J1-S1 = Section 3
T1-W1 = Section 4
X1-Y1 = Section 5
Z1-AK1 = Section 6
AL1-AM1 = Section 7

What would be the best formula to calculate this score or am I better using VBA code?
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That is what I am chasing. Thanks Very much for your quick response :)