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Access a Wordpress site on a server before the nameservers are pointed to it.

Is there a way to allow a client to access a Wordpress site on my server before the nameservers are pointed to my server?

Typically, with a non-Wordpress site I am able to have the client access a site with but that doesn't seem to work with Wordpress.

The client has a site on another server, but plans to move to my server when the new site is launched. Therefore, I set up an account on my server with the same domain name that the client is using on his current server. I have been accessing the account while developing it by adding an entry to my computer's host file to redirect. But my client uses a MAC, and that option is not easily available to him. It apparently requires that he use a hack in Terminal to be able to edit host, and that is beyond his comfort level.

Is there a way to allow access to him to the new site before the nameservers are switched?

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>> but that doesn't seem to work with Wordpress.

That's because when you set up the domain name in the WordPress settings (, WordPress will use that to do all rewriting of permalinks, etc.

The "simple" fix is to change to during development and running a find/replace on the database to change the production URL to the development URL.  When the regular domain name is ready, do the same thing in reverse.
If you have multiple sites running on the same IP address, and using the DNS name in Apache to separate them, I typically allow for connections before the domain name is transfered over  by changing the port number to the site in Apache, and then setting up the WordPress site to be the IP address with the port number.
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Thank you for the video link. The customer felt comfortable editing his host file after he saw that, and is now happy.