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Secure hosted site or server for unique licensed app

OK experts, I have a, I think, a unique situation.  Can you help me?

I have a client that has a unique spreadsheet used for filing insurance claims in litigation issues.  I have a way to compile this spreadsheet to an .exe which hides all formulas etc.   We plan on licensing this spreadsheet and as such need a secure site (or server or whatever) whereby we can have client#1, client#2, client#3 etc folders and inside of these folders the spreadsheet template would be stored.  In turn, the user would open the template, put in his criteria and save the spreadsheet under a unique name under his folder  He may have multiple iterations of spreadsheets under his folder.  Additionally, in turn, we do NOT want client#1 to see client#2's data or visa-versa.  Additionally, we want to allow them to save iterations of their spreadsheets under their folder, but we DO NOT want them to be able to download the spreadsheet or copy the spreadsheet to another PC or server.   Printing spreadsheet is ok.  I further assume that we as the "master" or "admin" user would assign user names and passwords for Client#1, Client#2, etc and we would have full rights to all Client folders in case we need to review or fix a particular spreadsheet.  Can you help me?  Please reply.   If you can not help me, do you know of a firm that has the aforementioned capability.  

Thanks in advance for your guys always have the answers.
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Thanks for your comments...we have decided to keep everything "in-house".  Appreciate your insight.