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Event 10000 ODBC SQL Server Driver Login timeout expiret

Multiple and consistent connection failures for SQL on mailenable server. The error in the picture is for pop, but imap, webmail and smtp are also throwing the same error. Server is on virtual in vmware. It has been working fine for about 6 months.
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I am at Mailenable 6.03  I have not tried to disable mailenable internal antivirus checker and pickup event in registry. I have DNS blacklisting and URL blacklisting enabled
Go ahead and disable all of that, I have seen people have issues with those enabled, then if it appears to work enable them one by one and test starting with the blacklisting then pickup and finally antivirus. the issue probably is the AV and pickup.
What is the pickup?
Stop the Plug-in's, you can stop them all together or if you want to determine which one is causing the problems then you can complete these steps for each of the plug-in's below;
Stopping the third party MTA Pick Up Event
Open the properties of the MTA service and disable the feature "Enable Pick Up Event"
Properties of the MTA service are found in the MailEnable Administration Program at;
ME Admin MMC->Servers->Localhost->Agents->MTA Properties (Right Click)->General TAB
Stopping the third party COM object Pick Up Event (Mainly Plesk users)
Open "regedit" and navigate to the following location:
Change the Key name: Pickup Event Class Enabled - Decimal value is set to "0" for disabled state.
Thanks, I checked it and it was not enabled. I have found that about once an hour the SQL server is Going through repeated sequence of shutting down and coming back up. I am getting Service does not exist, service paused, service running, service stop pending service start pending service stopped, server, service does not exist.  I have attached logs.
I have run all of the service packs for sql and updated mailenable to the latest version and it still happens 40 to 50 minutes apart.