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File Server Migration Advice/Solution

Hi we currently have our file server on a HP DL380 windows 2003 standard 64bit which has 2TB worth of company data.  

We are looking find a solution that we can transfer data and maybe move to our virtual environment on vmware vsphere 4.1 essential on SAN.  

The problem is we want the best solution without downtime, I know there are vsphere versions that have FT but we can't afford them!   Is there any cheap alternatives, or maybe what is the best way to do this?
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Why not move the File Server data to a NAS, no need for any virtualisation or hypervisor or licenses?
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I like the idea of moving the standard file server over to Windows 2008 R2 standard with DFS and using DFS replication for failover. Geographically we have 2 offices in the uk and one in china and connection is 10 Mb mpls lines to both remote sites.  What would be recommended with our setup to have a file server in each location with DFS replication (keep in mind the time difference between uk and china 7 hours!) .

What is the best tool (fsmt, robocopy) to transfer data to the new servers. i.e speed and reliability ?