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Cannot install Windows Updates

I cannot install Windows Updates from Microsoft Update on my machine. The dialog never gets past “Checking for updates…”:
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When this problem occurs, Microsoft themselves recommends the following:

1.  Open an elevated command prompt (Start -> type cmd in the search field, right-click the result and Run as administrator)
2.  Stop the Windows Update service by typing Net stop wuauserv and hit enter.
3.  Navigate to the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder and either delete the contents or rename it to SoftwareDistribution.old
4.  Restart the Windows Update service within the command prompt by typing Net start wuauserv and hit enter.
5.  Try to install the Windows updates again.
WHat does the date and time say on your machine ?
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Friend just had this problem... turned out it was her Bitdefender firewall blocking access.

She turned off firewall  and update proceeded correctly.
Go to Start>> on the run line type "slui.exe" and press enter. Then, activate Windows.
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this worked for me thanks