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Is ARTA accent reduction service a scam?

I think I already asked if arta accent reduction is a scam, but now that I'm invested, scam alerts are going off!

I have been taken before online, and have had to cancel credit cards for safety's sake.
How do these details sound to you?

I googled for accent reduction ( I am South African born, and my accent won't fully go away) It is an issue, believe me, here in North Carolina.

Anyway, I signed up for their $75 consultation, placement and lesson to follow.
I did it this afternoon. - just the consultation
"They" / He did it on Adobe Connect.
We did a 30 min "evaluation" to place me with the right coach.  It seemed competent.
We set up a first lesson day for Saturday.

Does this sound like a scam? Is Adobe connect free, or does a business have to subscribe to use it? They will record every lesson, and I can review it later.

The home page is

Is this fishy? My mom! thought so. I didn't.

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>> It is an issue, believe me, here in North Carolina.

As I only know too well. A friend of mine lives in NC and plays in the Uphill Band. He's English, and says you must add an "h" onto every "a" which you must not pronounce flat (or like the German ä if you're South African).

I don' think it's a scam, but I don't see a great success either, unless you actually get a personal trainer. I'm french speaking from Luxemburg/Southern Belgium and my husband is English, but I still have for the British a french accent. Living here in Germany doesn't make things easier either.
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I did the initial meeting called an assessment. It was fine. The trainer basically listened to me pronounce a list of words, that intended to help him identify problems of mine. Then, I had the follow up session. He had analyzed my initial (recorded) session and he had areas identified that needed work. There was a list of words for me to identify/ deemphasize w/ feedback,  percussive sounds and harsh vowels.
 I was truly pleased, and could see it was worthwhile. They do lessons weekly, biweekly, monthly or any method that suits me. They'd use Adobe Connect (conference software) to record the lesson and let me practice it again and again at my convenience. That aspect alone is a considerable bonus. - We used it for the follow up, and it is an amazing tool.
But, the cost of enrollment are
$2,650 for 16 sessions - 50 min. each - - $165.63 per lesson
$3,250 for 24 sessions - 50 min. each - -  $135.41 per lesson
I think 1 lesson a month is good, since I can repeat it all over and over for 2 years
 $135 a time/month for 2 whole years of excellent training sounds like a deal.

What does that sound like for you? I have tried to get my accent right, and can't. I need someone trained who understands the nuances, mistakes. The coach knew all my problems. - What my accent typically struggles with and needs concentration on. He could compare my fault to many other accents around the world, and help me make adjustments excellently. Lessons arent recorded for playback until I enroll. My new MacBook Pro makes the sessions like being in the same room as the coach. They are thoroughly flexible time wise and work with my schedule.

Look. If I start a conversation with a woman, I don't want the first 3 minutes to be cluttered and awkward about growing up in f..South Africa. Don't you dare say i should use it, cause women love accents and being foreign is interesting . It just isn't true. It is a massive curse. Trust me. It makes me invisible, pesona non grata - an annoying douche, even to my male contemporaries.
>>What does that sound like for you?

Rather expensive, but then not living in the US I can't really tell. Mind you paying by month does make it considerably easier.

>>If I start a conversation with a woman, I don't want the first 3 minutes to be cluttered and awkward about growing up in f..South Africa

Unless one happens to own a diamond mine....

>>It is a massive curse

I can understand that. To the French I come from Belgium, to everybody else I come from France. Yet I think that if I came from Canada, everybody would take me for a Yank and I'd have to try very hard to drop the drawl.

Bonne chance!
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>>My mom, however, discovered I would be paying them $135 per lesson and and went f.insane

Mothers tend to be a bit like that. Mine wasn't, so my father made up for it.
I solved this myself at the end of the transaction