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cannot access contact list

Hi, recently setup a new workstation on network. We do not have an exchange server on the network. I setup the outlook profile and then imported the users folders from a *pst file. Unfortunately when the users starts to send a new email and cannot pull up the contact list. I can see two contact folders under the contact tab to the left. One is empty the other contains the contacts. I have tried moving the contact folder up but this did not help. I have tried several things but with no success. Does anyone have any suggestions.
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I would wonder if you are actually referring to the "Auto-Complete" list? That is when you start typing an address in the to: field, Outlook pops up a list of people whose names match those letters. It is pretty common nowadays for users to rely on Auto-Complete rather than actually filling out entries in the full contact list. These are not stored in the .pst file with the rest of the mailbox, but rather a separate file in the same folder that ends in .nk2. Here is a link that describes the process to transfer from the old machine:
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No this is when composing an email and you click on the "To"or "Cc" buttons and the contacts window opens showing a list of contacts or address book depending on which option was selected.
What contact lists are available in the drop down box on the upper right corner?
There are two choices address book and contacts ...neither one produces any content. There has got to be a way to select, configure , or attach the contact list . Now I have noticed that both contact list are the default name but only one has actual contacts data in it.
One last question; what version of Outlook (and service pack if you know it) is the client running? I am signing off for tonight(I'm EST), but I will get back with you in the morning.
The office suite is 2007 Pro Plus as for the SP I did not see any info pertaining to in the about window.
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That worked! Thanks for your help