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Vista machine won't access secure websites

Have tried the Microsoft knowledge base fix on this, reset modem, reset IE, tried Firfox, scanned machine.  The last thing that allowed access for a week was flushing the dns.

But problem returned.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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Date and time correct

DNS is auto from ATT

all SSL's are checked

No firewall other than what is in WIndows Vista

I am thinking about assigning Google DNS to it at see what happens?
Turn off firewall and see if that helps. And what anti-virus are you running ?
They are running AVG.
Are you running thru a proxy server ?
No, what has resolved it now for several weeks, is to manually enter DNS servers.

I believe this machine had some malware or virus issue that I was not made aware of, even though my scans show it clean, there must be some residual security damage.

If it statrts to happen again, its fulll restore time.

Points awarded for assistance, manual entry of DNS has resolved this issue.