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update multiple lines to the field

I am using MS SQL2005
I have to copy the SQL query commands with multiple lines to a text field a table. However, when I copy the text and paste it to the field of the opened table, just the first line of the SQL query commands has been copied. Is there any other way to copy it ?
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Kamaraj Subramanian
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can you explain more about your problem ?

is your column has the value as "ABCD", then you want it to be udpated something like "select * from xyz where col='ABCD'" ? for all the columns ?
You probably have line breaks in the query. Get everything on to one line, and the whole thing should copy over.
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Are you trying to update using the GUI interface?

Is it a "text" data type or varchar(nnn|max)?

Whatever the data type, try doing the UPDATE thru the query window instead of trying to directly update the table thru the GUI.
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solved by self testing