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Sql 2012 Better solution on disaster recovery


I have a question about the current version of SQL 2012 Always Groups.

Currently I have a SQL 2008 Mirroring solution in two physically separate sites with a bandwidth of 300Mbps.

It is possible for me to implement high availability solution based on the new technology of SQL 2012 (AlwaysOn)?

Or just limit me to reconfigure the mirroring to be had.

I appreciate your feedback.

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I think it depends on what you need to achieve with your SQL Server(s) besides disaster recovery - I mean if you need to access both primary and secondary servers. AlwaysOn same as Mirorring can offer read only access on secondary as well but Always on offers more than Mirroring - please see more details at:
"SQL Server 2012 Always On Versus SQL Server Mirroring
This has significant advantages over traditional SQL Server Mirroring. In traditional mirroring

You cannot manage groups of databases, so that when a single database failed they would all failover.
There is only one Mirror of the database allowed
The Mirror is not useable unless you are prepared to work with Snapshots."
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I haven't gotten to 2012, but I am always leery of a solution that requires a comm line to work.

The way I would do it is mirror to another local server. Then from that server do the replication to the remote site.  If the comm line or the remote site goes down, you are still operational. Direct replication (especially transactional) would shutdown your primary SQL server until the line comes back up.