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Attaching the Photograph to the Excel file

Hello  Faustulus,

This request is following the below thread.

Solution was provided by : Faustulus, ID :38590611.

Now we need to attach the photograph to the Excel sheet, i have a Laptop web cam which we would use to take the Doctors Photograph.

Awaiting your expert solution.


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Please take a picture of your dog (or girl friend :lol) and upload the file for me to play with. I have to see how to get it into your database.
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Oh thats a Tragedy,

I have got no Dog or a Girlfriend.

But i can upload a photo for you surely, a doctors pic
Nice doctor!
I'll be travelling next week. But I'll attend to your request even as I am on my way.
Just to confirm with you:-
The picture you sent me must have been taken with the same web camera which you intend to use during the exhibition. It must be of the same format, size and quality as you will be taking during the event. Bear in mind that it may also be possible to consider your request for cropping the picture to a size that you will want for your brochure later.
I attach the final solution and hope that your picture was able to aspire to the technical hopes I placed into it. Before you can use the program now you need to enter a correct path name at the very top of the code module where it now says
Const PicturePath As String = "D:\My Documents\For Reference Only\ExEx"
Replace the path between the quotation marks with the path where you will keep the picture on your laptop. When the button "Attach picture" is pressed in the form the function will find the most recent JPG picture in the specified folder and attach it to the entry. If your visitor doesn't like his photo, take a newer one and press the button again.
The full path will be written to the database which may cause a problem later when you make your booklet. You can either change the path name (Edit Replace) in column P when you move your collection to another location on another computer or take care from the outset to ensure that you use a path on your laptop that will be available wherever you need to take the collection.
Hello Sir,

Dear Sir,

This Solution is very Good, But I need some solutions  before I can implement this.

1.) How can i change the path in the Exel for the photos, (i.e) it the Attach Picture icon location

Right now i get the error, Attached is the screen shot.

2.) The Excel sheet be hidden behind the Background Once i click on capture, for the user to have the fell that he is working on  live thing.

3.) I need the address file 1 to have a limited character set of 35

4.) Address field 2  can have unlimited character.

5.) Also attached is my frnds pic taken from the laptop camera
Hello Sir,

Attached is the Screenshot error....
Screnshot error
1. Please read my previous post.
No screen shot was attached.
2. I will change the code to ensure that the data sheet isn't shown to the user.
3. I will change the input to allow only 35 characters in Address 1
5. No picture was attached.
Dear Sir,

Again I attach the same.

Please let me know..
In the attached version the maximum number of characters in Address1 has been limited to 35. The "error message" you are complaining about isn't an error message. The program informs you that there are no pictures stored at the file location you have specified. Please read my earlier post. It contains important information which you really need.
If you press the blue button, fill the form and close it with OK or Exit you will return to the worksheet with the blue button which you can press again for the next cycle.The Data sheet isn't opened at all. If you wish to make sure that it isn't accidentally opened you should hide it. This is better to be done manually.
Dear Sir,

I have read your Post , but it seems we both have some disconnect.

Can you please send me the Screenshots it would be very helpful for me

1.) I need to know the Exact location where i can Click and Hide the Excel Sheet Behind.

2.) I am Able to change the Location of the folder in the Code by going to the Devloper section and in Vb option.
OK. Let's get this thing working first.
1. Get the ribbon to show the Developer tab. On that tab click "Visual Basic" to open the VB Editor window. You can also use the shortcut Alt+F11
2. Find the Project Explorer pane. If it disn't displayed by default click on View/Project Explorer.
3. Find the Module "InputMan" by clicking on the + signs to open the dropdowns.
Double-click on the name to open the code sheet.
4. This is the second line in the code sheet.
Const PicturePath As String = "D:\My Documents\For Reference Only\ExEx"
Replace the file path between quotation marks with the full path of the folder where your web cam camera puts the pictures you take.
5. Save the project and close the VB Editor
6. Now select the sheet named "Capture"
7. Press the blue button. The code runs.
At the end of the run the view returns to this sheet. You can press the button again for another capture. The Data sheet will not become visible unless you click on its tab.
8. If you wish to hide the tab, select the sheet ...
From the Home tab on the ribbon
select Format / Visibility / Hide & Unhide / Hide sheet.
When you wish to look at the captured data reverse this process.
Do you have the project working now?
No Sir,
This project is fine , but I need to make some changes.

But it seems still there is some disconnect.

1.) I want to Replace the Input Vistor Data with My Project Name...( Dermacon Doctor's List)
     also would like to know how i can do it myself.

When I click on capture the Program or the project should take up the whole screen or atleast not show the ribbons on the Excel sheet which shows that this is made in Excel.

You can check the screenshot for further details..


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If you got everything you needed you should close this thread.
Thanks Sir, I was a big vaction ..Thanks a lot