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Wireless deive Disapper


I am using Dell computer. i used to have wireless in my laptop. Since last week i am not able to see my wireless adapter on my computer.. I am trying turn on wifi. i cant find them.

Only i can see Ethernet and bluetooth. I cant wifi adapter. Please help me.

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Boot the PC using the PartedMagic LiveCD and check whether the wireless adapter is seen. Also make sure that if there is a wireless on/off switch on the PC, that it is turned on. If you don't know about such a switch, check the PC's manual, it should tell you where that switch is and how it is used. Often you need to use a function key combination, like Fn+F2 or similar. If you can't see the wireless with either OS, then open the cover to where the adapter is and check whether it is properly connected.
If the wireless card came with the Dell it should also show up in the BIOS... if it's not showing up as installed there, then the card has probably died.

If it does show up there and says enabled, then as rindi noted the next-most-likely situation is it's turned off with a switch.  

Since you didn't tell us what model it is, we can't tell you where that switch might be located.

Very rarely I've seen them mini-PCI cards come loose from their slots.
I have never see an internal PCI express card come loose, as they're held in with screws instead of the spring clips that mini-PCI used.

But again, without knowing the model you have, we have no idea what type of card it might be, let alone how to check if it's still in position. Some are just under a back cover; on the Dell I'm typing this on, I have to remove the hinge cover and the keyboard to access it.
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