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vWorkspace - Moving VM's and Linked Clones to new Datastore

I need to know how to edit/move a linked clone template.

we do not use shared storage so all machines are locally placed on our host ESXi60 and these need to be moved across (VDI's tied into vWorkspace console, and the parent template) to ESXi61

The VDI's are provisioned with vCenter using a VMware linked clone template via the vWorkspace console.

I need to move all of these to a new host on a new ESXi server. Is there anyway that I can edit the Template with latest windows patches, known bugs with current template?

I don't quite understand the full effect of what linked clones use. Do they technically run as snapshots? with all VDI's are separate VM's? What would happen if I lost my template, are all VDI's deemed unusable?

Will VDI's linked to a clone be effected if I move datastores? Is there a link in the background that will not just look for through vCenter but look to datastore in particular?

Quest seem to think the easiest way to do this will be for me to migrate is to setup a new bunc of VDI's and migrate all data/settings across.
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So the easiest method when creating a new updated template is to start from fresh and not touch the current template?
I would use the existing Master Template, and create new VDIs from it.