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SSL certificates for additional mail domain on Exchange 2010

Honored colleagues.

I have a customer who is merging with another department with their own email domain.

The customer is running an Exchange 2010 Standard with as the primary email domain.  we have now added as an additional email domain.
(fictive domain names used)

(There is only one physical logon domain called AAA.LOCAL)

For now the company has a ssl certificate for REMOTE.AAA.COM.

Do they need another certificate for accessing mail from BBB.COM?
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Hello Matt

Thank you very much for a very detailed answer :-)

Every user from the old BBB.COM is now joined to the local domain of AAA.LOCAL.
This means that the user called Bob can access the AAA server using AAA\BOB.
When Bob is sending mail his mail address will be BOB@BBB.COM.

As I understand your answer this should be possible with the current certificate.
Do you agree? :-)
Yes, indeed. You will just need to direct the users to use the same URL in the domain for OWA / Exchange ActiveSync etc and not use anything in Sending email from is not a problem.

You should also make the SRV record change described above to make Autodiscover work for mailboxes. This is not mandatory; without it, you just won't have auto-configuration of the various devices of users on the email domain.

To assist for external access you could create cnames that redirect owa from old link to new